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Iisalmen seurakunta
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Kustaa Aadolf Church

The history of the Kustaa Aadolf Church dates back to 1779. Photo by Seija Rytkönen.

The parish of Iisalmi area was founded in 1627, and the parish church was built in the same year. Kustaa Aadolf Church, which was built in 1779, is not, however, the original one as two churches were previously built on the same site.

Constructing the church was a joint effort as members of the parish contributed to the building materials and the less wealthy participated in the construction work.

The church was extensively renovated for the third centenary of the parish in 1927. Electricity was installed in 1962 but the old chandeliers are still used in Christmas services. The oldest artefacts in the church are the small 17th century chandeliers above the galleries. The other chandeliers were purchased later.

The paintings which decorate the galleries date from the 18th century. They were originally made for the second church on the site and moved to Kustaa Aadolf Church when it was built. The paintings on the side galleries portray the ten disciples of Jesus, and the pictures of the organ gallery represent various biblical scenes.

In the 19th century the church was made plainer, and these paintings were covered due to pictures, as well as other decorations, being considered too worldly. The paintings were discovered and restored when renovations were carried out in 1927.

The organ dates back to 1883. It has remained unchanged although it has been repaired on several occasions. The pulpit made by a local craftsman as well as all its decorations date from 1927. There was another pulpit prior to the present one. The paintings, which portray the four evangelists Mark, Matthew, Luke and John, were created by Antti Salmenlinna, who also painted the friezes on the ceiling. The arch, which surrounds the altarpiece, as well as the iron railings, which separate the altar from the rest of the church, were also added in 1927.

The altarpiece was painted by Alexandra Såltin in 1886. It depicts the transfiguration of Christ. You can see Moses and Elijah on either side of Jesus and Peter, John and Jacob below him.

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