Iisalmen seurakunta

Iisalmen seurakunta
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Welcome to the Lutheran Parish of Iisalmi!

The old church of Iisalmi got its name from King Gustavus II Adolphus of Sweden. The church was built in 1779. Photo by Seija Rytkönen

The Parish of Iisalmi was established in 1627 by King Gustavus II Adolphus of Sweden. The population of the region reached 2000 a century later.

Today there are 22.298 inhabitants in the town of Iisalmi, of whom 87.8% are members of the Parish. There are thus 19.570 members in the Lutheran Parish of Iisalmi.

The Parish has two church buildings. The old church is open daily from June 10 to Aug 20 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. You are very welcome to enjoy the beautiful milieu and guidance in English! The address of the church is Kirkkotie 20, Iisalmi.

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The Nature of Iisalmi region is charming. It was exquisitely described by Juhani Aho (1861-1921), the great writer and clergyman's son from Iisalmi. Juhani Aho is buried close to the old church. 

The historic shores of the Koljonvirta river once were a battlefield of the Finnish War (1808-1809).

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Kustaa Aadolf Church

The parish of Iisalmi area was founded in 1627, and the parish church was built in the same year. Kustaa Aadolf Church, which was built in 1779, is not, however, the original one as two churches were previously built on the same site. Lue lisää

History of Kustaa Aadolf Church

Building the church was a joint effort as members of the parish contributed to the building materials and the less wealthy participated in the construction work. Lue lisää

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